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In Hanoi, Vietnam as we celebrated the third day of Hanukkah (Dec. 24), the Festival of Lights, at around 2 PM we began to notice the sky growing dark, but not from the clouds above.It turns out we were experiencing an annular solar eclipse. This eclipse was a sign from God of the time and season (Genesis 1:14) that SE Asia is entering into, but what was the Father saying through this great sign in the heavens? As we began to pray on the matter, we found that the trajectory of this Eclipse began in the middle of Saudi Arabia touching the tip of Southern India and Sri Lanka, going directly over Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, finally touching the southern tip of the Philippines and the island of Guam. It was like the finger of the Almighty had drawn a highway in the heavens across the sky relaying to the world that the Gospel has gone forth to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8), and now it’s coming back. From directly beneath the eclipse, observers could see a ring of fire of the light of the sun bending around the moon. The trajectory of the eclipse went directly over the region we know today as the “Ring of Fire” and the Malacca Straight, the same region the Holy Spirit has had us so adamantly and fervently praying for and traveling through over this past year and a half. It was major confirmation that what Adonai is doing in the whole region in these end times is coming to a moment of activation. It also triggered us to look more into what is happening not only in the Malacca Straight region but also Saudi Arabia, Southern India and Sri Lanka, as well as the Philippines and Guam both in the natural and in the Spirit.


In these crucial times, there seems to be less and less consensus as to where the city of the end times Babylon is. There are many theories out there including The Vatican, The United States, New York, the U.N., the E.U., Israel and many others, but one has recently caught our attention, a city that has not yet been built on the banks of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. The starting point of the Eclipse immediately brought to mind what has been dubbed “the world’s most ambitious project” with its foundations already complete, and at least 500 billion dollars already set aside by the Saudi Kingdom called Neom. The name comes from the Greek word neos, meaning “new,” and mustaqbal, the Arabic word for “future.” It will be 33 times the size of New York City according to the Saudi Kingdom, and is supposed to be the most advanced city in the world with Artificial Intelligence being the main engine to run the entire city. The foundation of the city has been being built since 2017 and phase 1 of the port is set to be finished in 2020. The country where the most violent religion in the world, Wahhabism, Islam, and the home of the most visited city and holy site in the world, Mecca, and one of the main supporters of terrorism around the world, is now building a city on the shores of the Red Sea. Before Israel was re-established as a nation, people could only guess at much of the end times prophecy the Bible speaks of, but since its re-establishment, so much fits into place that did not before. Can it be that the same goes for the city of New Babylon?

Revelation 18:17-19

“And every ship captain or navigator, and every passenger and sailor, and all who make their living by the sea, stood a long way off,  and exclaimed as they watched the smoke of her burning, saying, ‘What could be compared to the great city?’  And they threw dust on their heads and were crying out, weeping and mourning, saying, ‘Woe, woe, for the great city, where all who had ships at sea grew rich from her great wealth, because in one hour she has been laid waste!’


The Middle East is a battle ground, and we see the boundaries placed by foreign nations in 1924 following WW1 falling apart. The former Ottoman Empire that once stretched from modern day Turkey, enveloping all of the Middle East and North Africa up until modern day Libya was divided up and separated, but after 1 century, that structure is falling apart. With the recent killing of Iran’s top general in an airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq, by the United States, the proxy states and militias of Iran in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Gaza Strip are on pins and needles waiting for their orders. Turkey, the remnant Ottoman Empire now encroaches into Syria and Northern Iraq, and now they have sent troops to the war torn land of Libya, the former edge of the Ottoman Empire in an unprecedented deployment. The empire that was, then was not, looks likely to rise once again in these end times. The former Muslim Caliphate that existed from 1298 to 1924 (626 years) seeks to rise again in the earth. Could we be witnessing the healing of the head of the beast of Revelation 13 as the resurgence of the Muslim Caliphate that is so yearned for in the circles of radical fundamentalist Islamists the world over? What we know is that regardless of all that transpires in the coming year and years, all roads lead back to Jerusalem. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) especially in these times of turmoil and uncertainty.


In the leaked drafts of “The Deal of the Century” being proposed as a peace plan for the Middle East and an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Saudi Arabia and the other Emirati nations are set to fund 70 percent of the proposed $50 billion investment. This peace plan is directly aligned with Daniel 9:27 that describes a covenant between Israel, specifically Jerusalem with many surrounding nations and with Isaiah 28:14-18 that describes the end of that covenant. As for the Saudi’s part, it has also been leaked (Dec. 2019) in a recent draft by a Jordanian Newspaper that Saudi Arabia would take control of the Temple Mount from the Jordanians in the proposed deal. If that is indeed correct, and if the New Babylon theory from above is correct, we would see the Harlot Babylon taking control of part of Mount Zion. The implications of this are acute.


After crossing the Arabian Sea, the eclipse hit the southern tip of Indian and Sri Lanka. First hitting the State of Kerala, the entry point of the Gospel of Peace via the Apostle Thomas. This region of India has held strong for 2000 years against constant pressure and persecution from the rest of India, especially the nationalist Hindus in this current season, and continues to thrive despite the pressure put on the state. It is time for the Spirit of YHWH to light up the the whole tip of Southern India once again, this time all the way back to Jerusalem, and for Revival to spread from India to Ethiopia. Just as the royal decrees of the salvation of the Jews went out in the time of Esther (Esther 8:9), so too is the royal decree from the throne of Almighty God going forth in these end times in Sri Lanka and India.

Sri Lanka, is directly in line with the move of God that is set to come blasting out from SE Asia through the Malacca straight. Sri Lanka is believed to be the Tarshish of the east we read of in the Bible. The ancient name of Sri Lanka, Tambapanni [Sankrit: Tamraparṇi; Ancient Greek: Ταπροβανῆ, Taprobane], carries the same root meaning as Tarshish in denoting the color of copper or bronze (topaz). Solomon (1 Kings 9:26) and Jehoshaphat (1 Kings 22:48) both constructed ships at Ezion-geber on the coast of the Red Sea to travel eastward (2 Chronicles 9:21; 20:36) to Tarshish. 1 Kings 10:22 describes a vibrant trade in gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks, found in abundance, and exclusively in the case of peacocks, on the continent and islands of India. Can it be that the eclipse is retracing the maritime route of the ships of Tarshish? Not only does it follow the route of the modern day culmination of both the Maritime Silk Road and Maritime Spice Road from the Eastern Islands of modern day Indonesia, it also follows the route of all of the submarine cables connecting all of East Asia with the west. These cables on the sea floor go between the southern tip of India and the Northern tip of Sri Lanka and make up a large part of the 99 percent of data flow from around the world via the internet, phone calls and text messages. It is not just a highway of trade, but also of communication, and as in the natural so in the Spirit. A highway in the Spirit is heavily contested in this part of the world, and we must be standing in the gap for the remnant there.

This sign in heaven comes at a time when Buddhist nationalism has retrenched itself in the politics of the state, cracking down on religious minorities, especially Muslims and Christians. The fallen kingdom of darkness reacts when it knows that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming, and this is just another case. Sri Lanka will be filled with the glory of God, and the Holy Spirit will be poured out on the people of the Tarshish of the East.


The light of Yeshua is being manifested in this region so that the Gospel of Peace will penetrate into every sphere of society. Abba, Father is highlighting these three countries in this particular season. The ancient gates have been and are being opened in all of SEA and these nations are coming into the fulfillment of their redemptive purpose in Yeshua.The Father has been and is cleansing the land for the Ecclesia to work in oneness and unity, and the paving of the highway in the Spirit back to Jerusalem continues at break neck speed. The fullness of the Kingdom in the Power of the Holy Spirit is coming upon this region, and it is not something that should be taken lightly. There is great expectation and the feeling of a dam that is about to burst in the Spirit. For extensive and recent detailed information about what the Spirit of YHWH has been saying regarding these three nations and their redemptive purpose in these end times please visit: to see the latest prophetic posts.


The Philippines has been a Spiritual and cultural battleground for its entire history, and that continues to this day. A mixture of nearly every East Asian nation, as well as the influence of the Spanish who colonized the Islands in the late 1500’s, it then became an American territory in the early 1900’s, finally becoming totally independent in 1946 at the end of WW2. Guam on the other hand remains a territory of the United States and constitutes the Western Most territory in the U.S today. These two places are the modern day juncture of where the East meets West. What are the chances that the path of the eclipse ended abruptly and directly over the tiny Island of Guam, just 3 times the size of Washington D.C.? The path of this sign in the heavens is reminding us once again, that it is time for the Gospel to return from the end of the earth back to Jerusalem, and we had better pay attention.


It is clear that the end of the earth (East Asia) is in the beginning of experiencing a great shaking and sifting, the birthing and raising of the son’s and daughters of God, the Malachi 4:5-6, John 17, 1 Chronicles 12:8 and Joel 2 generation. Ready or not, the time of the latter glory is fast approaching, and it is coming from the rising of the sun (Psalm 113:3). Isaiah 42:12-13 is nearly upon us that says, “Let them give glory to the Lord and declare His praise in the islands and coastlands. The Lord will go forth like a warrior, He will stir up His zeal like a man of war; He will shout out, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail [mightily] against His enemies.” The Middle East continues to unravel, but also fall into place according to Biblical Prophecy. The sun, moon and stars are giving us a clear sign of what has come and what is about to come. End times prophecy continues to be fulfilled at a frightening pace, and the time of the return of Yeshua is certainly closer than we can wrap our heads around. He is indeed coming soon. As we continue to witness these things take place, we are not idle bystanders, we are watchmen, witnesses, warriors, lions and eagles of the Kingdom, and it is our job as disciple makers and carriers of the Holy Spirit and sons and daughters of the Most High to go about in all the earth preaching the Kingdom in power for the Glory of God until the end of the age and the return of Yeshua. In every sector of society the the children of the Father are operating in the resurrection power of Yeshua, and the signs and wonders of past generations will be seen in all the earth as the latter rain comes pouring down. Don’t wait to see the wave to rise up, but rather rise up now and catch the wave at a run lest it knock you flat in your complacency. Rise up army of YHWH, and let us run together as one Body in Him, for Him, by Him and through Him!


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Two Rings of Fire (March 2018)

In March of 2018 towards the beginning of us entering into Northeast Asia, the Holy Spirit gave us a vision of a ring of fire in the Spirit that goes through Korea Japan and China, including Hong Kong and Macau with Korea being the beginning and ending point of the ring. However, we kept asking the Lord about Taiwan, wondering why it was not included in the Circle of Fire. During the gathering in Kwangju, South Korea He showed us another vision that gave us the answer. Instead of one Ring of fire there were now two rings, the first ring of fire mentioned above and the second ring of fire consisting of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The circles were exactly the same size. within the two circles were two pools of water with the nations floating in the water trying to come together. The six nations mentioned were in the same place of the world map as usual, but the other nations were floating in the water, not in the same place as a regular map. On top of both of the rings were waves of fire. The two rings represent a marriage of Northeast and Southeast Asia, and they spin together like the gears of a clock. The connecting point of the two rings is Taiwan, and it is the destiny of Taiwan to be the mediator or the one to keep Northeast and the Southeast Asia connected. Floating represents the nations currently finding their identity and receiving their desire to work together in oneness as well as the learning process they are going through. The fire on top of the rings can either increase or decrease as the Brethren of the Kingdom come together to worship in Spirit and in Truth, and also acts as a wall against the fallen kingdom of darkness. This is all the beginning of the Northeast and Southeast Asia coming together to go back to Jerusalem.